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Spain is a huge country with a very warm Mediterranean climate in most regions, although there can be various temperature fluctuations throughout the country.

The Mediterranean climate is characterised by hot and dry summers with mild, wet winters. If this is the type of weather you like, the best time to visit Spain is in the summer. The average temperature is 25°C with highs of 31°C.

There isn’t much rain in the summer and temperatures are known to rise as high as 33°C in Madrid. You’ll need to take care of your skin with high factor sun protection, especially when you’re spending a lot of time soaking up the sun on the beach or sightseeing.

As you move towards the northern-central of Spain, you’ll notice a slightly cooler climate. Summers are still very pleasant, but it isn’t too hot and winters can be quite cold. This cooler, oceanic climate reaches destinations along the Atlantic coast.

The best time to go to Spain for mild temperatures and fewer crowds than the summer is between May and June. The weather is warming up and the sea is warm enough to swim in with temperatures increasing towards the end of June.

The highlands in the Pyrenean valleys and the Iberian System have a humid subtropical climate mixed with an oceanic climate. This means temperatures are cooler in these regions with high humidity levels all year-round.

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