Weather in Costa Dorada

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Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada is on the west coast of Spain along the Mediterranean coast. The region has a very warm and dry climate with long, hot summers and slightly more rainfall and cooler temperatures in winter.

Spring is the best time to visit Costa Dorada for fewer crowds than the summer and a more enjoyable climate. The average temperature is 22°C with overnight lows of 13°C.

The summer is very dry and hot with temperatures reaching the low 30s at peak times of the day. There’s not much rain with a monthly average rainfall of just 10mm, so you won’t have to worry about the wetter side of the Mediterranean climate until late autumn.

The best time to go to Costa Dorada for a swim is from June to September. The average sea temperature is 25°C, which reaches its peak in August.

Winter has the coldest temperatures with an average high of 17°C and lows of just 6°C. You’ll need to pack warmer clothes for your visit, but you’ll still get to enjoy lots of Mediterranean sunshine with warmer temperatures towards the end of February.

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