Weather in Portaventura

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PortAventura’s location on Spain’s Golden coast means the region enjoys a warm, Mediterranean climate. Temperatures are high in the summer and slightly cooler in winter, which is the best time to go to PortAventura if you’re not a fan of intense heat.

PortAventura’s theme parks are more than enough of a reason to pack your bags and head to Spain for an exciting family holiday. The parks can be quite busy in the summer with fewer crowds in May, April, and October.

You can expect an average of ten hours of sunshine per day that peaks at 14 hours in the summer.

Humidity levels are controlled by sea breezes blowing in from the sea that helps to keep levels from rising too far above 63%.

If you love swimming, the best time to visit PortAventura is when the water is warm. In July and August, the average sea temperature is a pleasant 26°C that lowers to 24°C in the autumn.

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