Weather in Costa Almeria

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Costa Almeria

Its location on the south-east coast of Spain means that you can expect constant warmth and bright sunshine all year-round in Costa Almeria.

Temperatures hit 31°C in the summer with August being the hottest month of the year. If you love the heat and sunshine, it’s the best time to go to Costa Almeria. The sea has also warmed up and rarely drops below 24°C.

Costa Almeria doesn’t have much rain in the summer with just 6mm per month. It increases towards autumn and winter, with an average monthly rainfall of around 27mm. This means there’s a small chance of rain, but it’s not something that’ll affect your holiday.

The best time to visit Costa Almeria for lower temperatures is after the summer. October is still warm at around 24°C and January, known as the coldest month of the year, has a daily average of 17°C.

If you love swimming in the sea and soaking up the sun, visit between June and September. However, if you prefer a slightly cooler climate, come between October and May for mild temperatures and lower humidity.

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