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Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is known for its award-winning beaches, exciting theme parks, and historical towns. The region is located in southern Spain and is ideal for a holiday in the sun.

With a Mediterranean climate, you can expect long, hot and dry summers with constant sunshine throughout the season. Winters are quite mild and slightly damper than the other seasons, but it’s the best time to go to Costa Blanca for a milder and more comfortable climate.

Temperatures reach their peak in August with an average of 29°C and daily highs of 32°C. The weather begins to cool down in autumn with a monthly average of 16°C and highs of 18°C.

The wettest month of the year is November with an average rainfall of 40mm. The rest of the year is very dry so you won’t need to plan around rain showers or heavy downpours like you would in some other Mediterranean locations.

The best time to visit Costa Blanca for a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean Sea is from July and September. The water is around 25°C at this time, which is perfect for swimming and cooling down in the summer heat.

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