Weather in Costa Del Sol

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Costa Del Sol

If you’re looking for heat and the sun on your holiday, what better place to visit than the famous Sunshine Coast? Costa del Sol is in the southern region of Spain and enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate that’s in full swing in the summer.

Average temperatures are very unlikely to ever fall below double figures in Costa del Sol. The region has at least 325 days of sunshine per year, which means you’re almost guaranteed sun and heat when you visit.

The best time to go to Costa del Sol for great weather and fewer crowds is between March and May. Temperatures range from 14°C to 23°C, which is very warm but it’s not overly hot or uncomfortable.

The Mediterranean Sea often carries a cool sea breeze to the Sunshine Coast, which helps to cool things down in the hot summer months. If you want to enjoy as much sunshine as possible, the summer is the best time to visit Costa del Sol.

Temperatures rarely fall below 22°C and you can expect highs of 29°C in July and August. The water has also warmed up to around 23°C, which is perfect for an afternoon swim and to quickly cool down during the hottest time of the day.

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