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Lanzarote is a Canary Island located off the west coast of Africa. It’s known for its unique volcanic landscape, theme parks and its warm, sunny climate.

It can get very warm and humid in the summer, with temperatures reaching highs of 29°C. The best time to visit Lanzarote is in spring or autumn for slightly cooler weather. March marks the end of winter and the region enjoys an average temperature of 23°C.

Lanzarote’s location near West Africa and the Sahara Desert means it’s easy for the region to overheat. However, north easterly winds and the Canary Current helps to moderate temperatures and keeps the climate warm without being too hot.

Remember to wear plenty of high factor sun protection for your visit as sea breezes can make it easy to misjudge the intensity of the sun. If you need to cool down during the day, head to the coastline for a swim in the sea. The average water temperature is 22°C in the summer that cools to 18°C towards the winter months.

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