Weather in Puerto Del Carmen

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Puerto Del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is one of the most popular beach resorts in Lanzarote. It enjoys a very hot climate and is located on the east coast of the island with an Atlantic Ocean coastline. You can expect warm weather all year-round with hot, dry summers and very mild winters.

Spring is the best time to visit Puerto del Carmen for mild temperatures and lots of sunshine. It’s not as hot as the summer, with an average high of 23°C.

Puerto del Carmen is slightly warmer and drier than the north of the island. This is because of the towering mountains that almost divide the island and gives the south region shelter from rain and east trade winds.

The wettest time of the year is December to February, which is rainy season in Lanzarote. There’s an average rainfall of 27mm per month, which isn’t much and won’t get in the way of your holiday.

If you love the heat, the best time to go to Puerto del Carmen is the summer when temperatures often rise above 30°C.

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