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The weather in Mexico depends on your location in the country. In general, the region enjoys a very warm climate and is known for its diverse range of landscape that includes everything from beaches to jungles and vast deserts.

The annual temperature average is around 18°C, but it’s normal for this to increase to the high-twenties during the warmer months. If you’re staying near the coast, the summer is the best time to visit Mexico for its tropical climate. You can expect temperatures reaching highs of 24°C, which is warm and pleasant without being too hot.

In the north-west of the country, there are more desert-like regions. These areas tend to be very hot and dry for most of the year while Mexico City has warm summers and mild winters. The city is known for its “high land” climate, which is attributed to its high elevation. The best time to go to Mexico is usually during dry season since there’s less rainfall and the chance of a heavy downpour is much smaller than the summer.

Hurricane season arrives in the summer and storms often consist of heavy rain and hail. Strong winds are common in areas near the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, so hold on to your hat and keep an eye on the forecast.

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