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Cancun has over 250 days of warm sunshine a year, which means you’re almost guaranteed heat and the sun when you visit this beautiful Mexican resort.

Located on the east of Mexico within the stunning Riviera Maya region, Cancun has a tropical climate with a wet and dry season.

Temperatures are very steady and don’t vary that much from month to month. The average is around 23°C with highs of 34°C in the peak of summer.

The Dry season runs from November until April and is considered the best time to go to Cancun for lots of sunshine and mild weather.

Rainfall is low in winter and doesn’t start to pick up until late spring. On average, there’s around 1,227mm of rainfall over the year with 984mm falling during wet season. If you want to avoid the rain, the best time to visit Cancun is late autumn or early spring for warm weather with less rain than the summer.

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