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Cuba is a beautiful island nation in the Caribbean Sea. It enjoys a stunning tropical climate and is home to white-sand beaches, warm waters and plenty of culture. The best time to visit Cuba is in the spring or autumn when it’s still hot but temperatures are slightly more enjoyable.

The weather in Cuba is influenced heavily by the local trade winds, which is due to its location between the Gulf of Mexico and the North Atlantic Ocean. This can cause temperatures to fall, but the weather usually remains very warm and sunny despite the frequent sea breezes.

Like many islands in the Caribbean Sea, Cuba enjoys a tropical climate with two seasons. The dry season is the best time to go to Cuba because there’s less rainfall, comfortable humidity levels and temperatures reach into the mid to high-twenties.

The driest part of the island is south-east Cuba, where’s there’s slightly less rain during the wet season. Torrential downpours are frequent from May through to October. Temperatures are in the low-thirties, so make sure to pack enough sun protection as well as your raincoat for the trip.

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