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Antigua’s coastline is surrounded by coral reefs and soft, white-sand beaches. It’s proximity to the equator means the island enjoys a tropical climate with long days of sunshine throughout the year.

There isn’t much variation of the seasons and there’s an average temperature of 26°C in the summer that falls to 23°C in January. There isn’t just one best time to visit Antigua because the island enjoys a beautiful, warm climate all year round.

Summer and autumn fall within hurricane season, so expect slightly heavier rains and an increase in rainfall during this time. On average, the island has around 1,140mm of yearly rainfall, with October having the most rain spread over 16 days of the month.

Trade winds blow in from the east, bringing an enjoyable sea breeze that helps to cool things down and lower humidity levels at the same time. If you want to enjoy the warmest weather, the best time to go to Antigua is in August, when temperatures reach highs of 31°C.

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