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With a warm tropical climate, you can expect year-round sunshine and high temperatures no matter when you visit Playacar.

If you love the heat and want to enjoy some swimming in the sea during your stay, the best time to visit Playacar is in the summer. Temperatures are usually somewhere between 25°C and 40°C with an average of 28°C in August.

The only problem with a summer holiday in Playacar is the heavy and frequent rain showers. The wet season is well underway with around 178mm of rain per month. Hurricane season peaks in September and October, with an increased chance of heavy thunderstorms and strong winds.

If you prefer cooler weather, the best time to go to Playacar is during the dry season which is between November and April. There’s less rain at this time of year and an average temperature of 26°C.

Humidity levels are still high at around 80%, which can make the weather feel hotter and balmy. Cooling breezes provide some relief from the humid air and light showers help to make it more tolerable.

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