Weather in Playa Del Carmen

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Playa Del Carmen

With its location in the south of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Playa del Carmen enjoys a lovely warm climate that lasts all year round.

You’re guaranteed warm weather no matter when you choose to visit this sunny part of Mexico. The resort has a defining wet and dry season, which might influence what you believe to be the best time to visit Playa del Carmen.

The wet season has very high temperatures, usually reaching highs of up to 33°C. The weather can be quite temperamental with strong winds coming in from the sea and heavy rainfall. The wettest month is September, which has 173mm of rainfall.

For a warmer and drier climate, the best time to go to Playa del Carmen is during the dry season. Temperatures are still very high, but there’s a lot less rain than the summer and nights are very warm.

The Atlantic Ocean means that the region has a hurricane season, running from June until November. If you love swimming in the sea, the waters are usually very mild and rarely fall below 28°C.

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