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Montreal is in the east of Canada and is the largest city in the Quebec region. The climate is cold and windy in winter but warms up in the summer, with lots of sunshine and high temperatures reaching the mid-20s.

The best time to go to Montreal is from June to September when the weather is warmer and you can enjoy your time while soaking up the beautiful sunshine. The average temperature is around 21°C during the day and often reaches highs of 26°C from midday to 3pm. Things cool off at night, with an average low of 16°C.

If you want to enjoy a classic winter with snow-capped mountains and fantastic conditions for building snowmen, the best time to visit Montreal is in December. The weather is very cold and snowy, so make sure to bring warm jackets and jumpers for your visit.

Spring and autumn are pleasant and mild, which is great if you’d rather avoid the icy winter weather. Heat waves are possible, bringing warmer temperatures to Montreal with mild breezes blowing through the city.

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