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Toronto is nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario in the east of Canada. The climate is quite mild and humid in the summer with snowy winters.

With its humid continental climate, the city of Toronto is no stranger to the cold. Winter is almost guaranteed snowfall, which means you’ll need to wear layers to keep warm from December to early March. Temperatures often reach below 0°C and chilly winds can make the weather feel even colder.

The best time to visit Toronto is when the weather is warmer in spring or autumn. The average temperature at night is around 3°C throughout the year, but it can get quite cool in late spring when breezes blow in from Lake Ontario. These cooling winds are welcomed in the summer because they bring relief from the heat of July and August.

For high temperatures and up to 14 hours of sunlight per day, the best time to go to Toronto is in the summer. The average temperature is 21°C with warm highs of 24°C.

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