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Whistler is in south west Canada and its climate is influenced by the Coast Mountain range that surrounds the town.

The mountains get a lot of snow in winter and spring, often reaching up to 200cm of snowfall by April. Because of this, Whistler is popular for skiing and snowboarding. The best time to visit Whistler for snow sports is during winter when temperatures are cool and you can enjoy some of the best winter sports facilities in the world.

The Pacific Ocean helps to keep temperatures from getting too cold. If you aren’t a fan of snow or bitterly cold weather, the summer is quite mild and sunny.

The best time to go to Whistler for the most heat is in August. The average temperature rarely falls any lower than 203 during the day and the snow has long since melted. It’s a great time to travel to Whistler for some sightseeing and hiking through the mountains.

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