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Edmonton sits on the North Saskatchewan River in the south west of Canada. The climate is warm and sunny in the summer but it can get very cold in winter, with temperatures often falling below freezing and regular snowfall.

The best time to visit Edmonton is in the summer when temperatures are mild and you can soak up the lovely sunshine all day. The average summer temperature is 23°C with lows of 13°C at night.

Edmonton’s location on a lower altitude than Calgary means it avoids the strong winds blowing across the Rocky Mountains. However, the region has quite a lot of rain with around an annual rainfall average of 365mm spread over the year.

The weather begins to improve in spring, which is the best time to go to Edmonton if you want a quiet and peaceful holiday. Temperatures are mild and there’s very little rain at the start of the season.

You should pack an umbrella if you’re travelling in July, as it’s the wettest month of the year. You’ll still have 11 hours of sunshine per day in the summer with cooling breezes travelling at just 8mph.

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