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Its location on the west coast of Canada means that Vancouver enjoys a much warmer climate than most of the country. The summer is similar to a Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and cold, damp winters.

Vancouver’s location near the coast means that the climate isn’t as cold as it is inland. You’ll enjoy warmer weather with an average temperature of 17°C in the summer. Temperatures can reach highs of 21°C with just 40mm of rainfall.

June to September is the best time to go to Vancouver for mild weather with only a small chance of rain. It’s perfect for exploring the city and enjoying some sightseeing and shopping with at least 13 hours of warm sunshine per day.

If you love swimming, you should make the most out of your hotel’s pool because the average sea temperature is just 14°C in the Pacific.

For cooler temperatures, the best time to visit Vancouver is early autumn while the weather is still mild and sunny. As winter approaches, temperatures drop and there’s an expected snowfall of 38cm.

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