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Florida is in the southeast of the USA and enjoys a very hot and sunny climate all year-round. It’s home to over 825 miles of beaches as well as the famous Walt Disney World® Resort theme parks that include Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, and two water parks.

With a subtropical climate, you can expect high temperatures and some rainfall over the year in Florida. Temperatures range from 27°C and 33°C in the summer, which is the best time to go to Florida for sunbathing and enjoying time on the beach.

High humidity is often more of a problem than the heat and is quite high in the peak of the summer months. You’ll need to pack sun cream no matter when you visit because UV levels are high and the weather remains hot and humid for most of the year.

Rainfall is quite heavy in the summer with 155mm spread over July that increases to 203mm in September. Thunderstorms are more likely in the summer, but they are usually brief.

If you prefer cooler weather, the best time to visit Florida is in low season. December has an average temperature of 16°C, but you can expect highs of up to 23°C.

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