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Located on the southern edge of Orlando, Kissimmee enjoys a hot subtropical climate with hot, wet summers and mild winters. It’s very close to the magic in Walt Disney World® Resort and Universal Studios Florida™, making it a great place to stay if you want the full theme park experience.

The winter is the best time to visit Kissimmee if you aren’t used to the heat. Temperatures are still very warm, but you can enjoy exploring the parks without feeling too uncomfortable.

Most of the rainfall falls over the summer months, which also influences the high humidity levels often experienced from May to October. The average temperature is around 33°C, which is very hot with scattered showers and the possibility of tropical storms at this time is not unheard of.

If you love the heat and the sun, the best time to go to Kissimmee is in the spring or autumn. Temperatures are still high and rarely drop below 20°C. It also tends to be quieter at the theme parks at this time since American schools are open and there are fewer crowds.

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