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Fort Lauderdale

With its location on Florida’s southeast coast, Fort Lauderdale enjoys the same subtropical climate as the rest of the state. You can expect high temperatures throughout the year, which makes Fort Lauderdale a great holiday destination at any time of the year.

If you enjoy the heat and sunshine, the best time to visit Fort Lauderdale is in the summer. Temperatures are high at around 32°C for most of the season and mild lows of 24°C.

The weather can be very humid and hot in the summer, which lasts from May to October. Make sure to wear high factor sun cream and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated in the summer heat.

The average monthly rainfall is around 60mm but most of the rain falls in the summer months. If you want to avoid heavy downpours, the best time to go to Fort Lauderdale is winter and early spring for slightly less rain and cooler temperatures.

If you love swimming, arrive in the summer for mild sea temperatures that are perfect for water sports and enjoying a refreshing swim.

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