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Petra is nestled on the northern coast of Lesbos, where it’s surrounded by a stunning turquoise bay and golden sand. Its Mediterranean climate brings plenty of warm sunshine to the region throughout the year, making it a great year-round holiday destination.

The average temperature is around 25°C, which increases to 31°C in the summer. If you love the heat and the sunshine, the best time to go to Petra is between July and August for warm temperatures and clear blue skies.

The coldest time to visit is from December to February. With an average high of around 11°C and lows of just 9°C, you have to pack plenty of jumpers and coats for your visit. It’s also quite wet in winter and there’s around 97mm of rainfall in December.

If you like water sports and want to try snorkelling with the exotic fish in the sea, the best time to visit Petra is when the water is warm. In May, the sea temperatures rise to the low-20s before rising in the summer.

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