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Nikiana is a small Greek village in Lefkas. It’s a fantastic destination for a peaceful getaway in a sunny and warm paradise. The best time to go to Nikiana is the summer for the warmest weather and very little rainfall.

The temperatures are around 25°C in the summer and can often peak at 30°C in August. If this is too hot for you, the best time to visit Nikiana is in the spring or autumn. Temperatures are more bearable at this time with cooler weather in the mountainous areas of the region.

Temperatures are still quite mild during winter with highs of 14˚C. It’s the wettest season of the year with around 17 days of rainfall per month. January is the coldest month of the year, with an average low of 13°C.

For steady sunshine, clear blue skies and not much chance of rain, visit in June. There’s more sunshine at this time of year as summer begins to settle in. The average sea temperature is a pleasant 23˚C, which is perfect for a refreshing swim or some windsurfing along the coast.

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