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Pefkos is a lovely resort just a few miles outside Lindos in Rhodes. The former fishing village has become a vibrant and popular beach resort and is known for its beautiful coastline, turquoise waters and excellent climate.

The best time to visit Pefkos for the warmest weather of the year is the peak of summer. July is very hot and August follows close behind, each one having temperatures of up to 30°C.

If you love swimming, you’ve come to the right place. The best time to go to Pefkos for swimming is from June to September. The sea water is calm and mild in the summer with an average temperature of 26°C. The town isn’t far from the popular water park in Rhodes, which is a great attraction for families with younger kids who like to cool down and splash about in the water.

The hills on the mainland of Rhodes offer the resort some shelter from the rain and strong winds. Pefkos is the driest and hottest part of the island because of the protection it gets from the mountains, making it perfect if you want to avoid as much rain as you can.

There are 300 days of sunshine each year and humidity levels are usually quite comfortable thanks to cooling sea breezes. There isn’t much rain in the summer, but it begins to increase in autumn with around five to seven rainy days a month.

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