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The weather in Stoupa is very hot and sunny in the summer with mild temperatures and slightly fewer sunshine hours in winter. Located in the Peloponnese region in Greece, Stoupa enjoys a warm, Mediterranean climate with temperatures reaching the mid-20s in the early summer. Humidity levels are comfortable throughout peak season with an average level of 67% in July and August. Temperatures in Stoupa are scorching hot in July, rising to 31°C at midday. Rainfall is very low at just 5mm per month, which means it’s very unlikely to rain much over the summer months.

December marks the beginning of winter in Stoupa and temperatures drop to around 15°C, which is still very mild and enjoyable. Rainfall is higher than previous months with a monthly average of 120mm that lowers to 98mm in January. Winds are cooler in the evening, which often brings temperatures down the single figures with an average wind speed of 10mph.

If you want to enjoy milder weather, visit in spring or autumn. April enjoys daily averages of 20°C with up to 13 hours of sunshine per day. Stoupa weather in autumn is slightly warmer with temperatures reaching highs of 24°C in October and 19°C in November.

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