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Ayia Napa

The best time to go to Ayia Napa is late spring and autumn for warm temperatures without the heat being too overwhelming. There’s constant sunshine throughout the year, so you’ll definitely need a pair of sunglasses and plenty of sun cream for your visit.

The temperature varies depending on the season. The warmest time of the year is July, with an average high of 30°C, which makes the summer the most popular time to visit the resort.

For cooler temperatures, the winter is perfect. The average daily temperature is a mild 14°C that lowers to around 7°C at night. Chilly evenings require a jacket and you’ll also need to pack an umbrella because rainfall increases to an average of 80mm spread over the month.

Weather can be quite indecisive in autumn and winter, with winds picking up speed that can make the weather feel much colder. There are regular sunny intervals, but if you want to avoid the rain and winds as much as you can, visit in the spring or summer.

August is the driest month with a very small chance of rain and mild sea waters that are ideal for a swim.

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