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Limassol’s climate is very pleasant with warm, Mediterranean sunshine lasting all year round. It’s a large city on the southern coast of Cyprus, which means you’re right beside the water while still getting to enjoy the upbeat city-life.

Temperatures remain quite consistent throughout the summer and range from 27°C and 30°C. The sunniest month of the year is August with over 12 hours of warm sunshine a day.

The best time to visit Limassol for slightly cooler weather is the spring when the weather begins to warm up in preparation for the summer. There’s some rain scattered throughout the season, but nowhere near as much as there is during winter.

There’s an average rainfall of 102mm in December, making it the wettest time of year. Each month during winter has an average of 12 rainy days, so make sure to pack an umbrella if you’re planning a winter holiday to Limassol.

If you love swimming and snorkelling in clear waters, the best time to go to Limassol is in the peak of summer. The water has heated up to the mid-thirties, which is perfect for a swim and taking part in water sports.

Regular sea breezes come in from the sea, which can feel very nice and refreshing at the hottest part of the day.

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