Weather in Nissi Bay

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Nissi Bay

Its location in the Mediterranean means that Nissi Bay enjoys a very warm and sunny climate. The best time to visit Nissi Bay is down to personal preference since the weather doesn’t fluctuate much and the region has long, hot summers and mild, pleasant winters.

Temperatures rarely drop below 25°C during high season, which runs from June to September. This is one of the best times to go on holiday because you’re guaranteed sun, heat and warm waters.

Winds are usually quite calm and can bring a refreshing break from the intense heat of midday to around 3pm. During this time, it’s advised to wear sun cream and seek some shade under a nearby palm tree to give yourself a break.

The coolest weather is in the winter, with temperatures reaching the mid to high-teens. When May arrives, the climate starts to improve a lot and you’ll notice slightly less rainfall and warmer temperatures going into June.

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