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Paphos is known for its warm climate and that’s due to its location on the south-west coast of the Mediterranean, in Cyprus.

Temperatures increase to highs of 31˚C in the summer with mild lows of 26˚C. The hottest and best time to visit Paphos is between June and September when the weather is at its best. You can expect plenty of hot sunshine, clear blue skies and warm temperatures throughout the summer.

Paphos is home to the Mount Olympus, which offers shelter from heavy rainfall. The mountainous region also protects the east coast from harsh winds. However, if you’re staying in the north or south of the island, you can expect cooling western winds coming in from the Mediterranean.

There are slightly less sunshine hours in the winter and it’s not uncommon for the sunset to take place around 4.50pm in February. As the month progresses, this time will get later and the days will slowly become longer as it moves into spring.

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