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Protaras is a beautiful resort town located in eastern Cyprus. It has a traditional Mediterranean climate, which means you can arrive at any time of the year and still experience plenty of warm sunshine and heat during your holiday.

Temperatures peak in the summer, reaching highs of up to 35°C. Make sure to pack your sun cream for your trip as the sun stays out for 12 hours a day. The summer is the best time to go to Protaras because it’s excellent beach weather with warm, Mediterranean sunshine.

When winter arrives, temperatures fall to around 17°C. January is the coldest time of year, and temperatures are known to lower to a chilly 7°C at night.

Rainfall is moderate in the winter, with an average of 71mm spread across each month. For a drier climate, the best time to visit Protaras is in late spring and the summer. July and August have very few showers and it’s also a great time for a swim in the sea. Average water temperatures range from 17°C in winter to 27°C in the summer.

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