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Portugal is a beautiful year-round holiday destination known for its beautiful beaches and fantastic climate. The sun shines throughout the year and temperatures remain high from spring to autumn with slightly milder weather in winter.

Temperatures usually don’t fall below the late 20s in the summer, which is generally very hot and dry. The best time to visit Portugal depends on whether you enjoy the heat or not. If you’re a fan of classic beach weather with clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine, come in July or August.

For cooler weather, the best time to go to Portugal is in spring or autumn. Temperatures are still warm, but it’s not overly hot. Winter is also a nice time to visit, with an average temperature of 10°C.

You won’t have to worry about the rain in Portugal. The region doesn’t get much of it, with around 39mm per month in spring that spreads over eight rainy days.

If you enjoy swimming and taking part in water sports, Portugal’s coastline won’t disappoint. The average sea temperature is around 17°C in late spring and continues to rise to the mid-20s by the summer.

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