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Praia Da Rocha

Located in southern Portugal on the Atlantic Ocean coast, Praia da Rocha has a beautiful Mediterranean climate with lots of heat and sunny weather year-round.

You can expect an average of 11 to 12 hours of sunshine per day throughout the summer and early autumn. The sun is strongest between 12pm and 3pm, so make sure to wear sun cream and find shade from the sun often.

The best time to visit Praia da Rocha is in the peak of summer for the warmest weather and clear blue skies. The average temperature is around 26°C with highs of 28°C in July and August.

For cooler weather that’s more bearable, the best time to go to Praia da Rocha is sometime in spring or autumn. Spring is very warm and sunny and autumn is mild with a few showers scattered across the season. November is the wettest month with 85mm of rainfall, so make sure to pack your raincoat if you’re planning an autumn visit.

Swimming in the sea is great in August and September when the water reaches highs of 22°C. Ocean currents can often temper with the heat, but the weather remains quite steady for most of the year.

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