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The weather in Lagos is very warm with average highs between 20°C and 28°C. For the warmest weather on holiday, the best time to visit Lagos is from May to October. This is when temperatures are warm and there’s less rainfall than late autumn and winter, which can be quite wet and cloudy at times.

If you like to swim in the sea, August is the best time to go to Lagos. The average sea temperature is 23°C, which is warm and inviting. It’s perfect for an afternoon swim or some surfing along Lagos’ beautiful coastline.

In winter, there are around nine hours of daily sunshine that increases to 13 hours per day in early spring. Humidity levels are around 77% in spring, which lower to 72% in the summer.

The Barlavento coast in the Algarve is known for its strong coastal winds. This means it can be quite windy in Lagos, with sea breezes blowing into the shore on a regular basis.

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