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The Gambia is a very small country in West Africa. It has a narrow Atlantic coastline and often known as the “Smiling Coast of Africa”.

With a warm climate for most of the year, The Gambia is a great holiday destination if you’re craving some sun, sand and sea. Annual temperature highs range from 29°C and 34°C, which is perfect for sunbathing on the beach or enjoying an exciting safari trip.

There’s two distinct seasons that will influence when you decide is the best time to visit The Gambia. The dry season runs from October to June and this is when you’ll see a decrease in humidity. Winter holidays are great if you want to avoid the heat and heavy rainfall of the summer.

The wet season is the best time to go to The Gambia if you want to experience the wetter side of the region’s sub-tropical climate. It begins in July and ends sometime towards late September. You can expect high temperatures throughout the summer with passing showers.

The Atlantic Ocean is very warm in the summer, making it the best time for a swim in the sea. The average water temperature is around 28°C with coastal winds coming into the shore and helping to lower the humidity.

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