Weather in Brufut Heights

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Brufut Heights

Brufut Heights enjoys a hot and dry climate that gives the village great weather throughout the year. With constant sunshine and very high temperatures, it’s difficult to decide when the best time to go to Brufut Heights is.

Its location in The Gambia means that Brufut Heights has the same two seasons. The dry season runs from November to May and has very hot temperatures with no rain clouds in sight. Temperatures reach up to 35°C in January and 41°C, which is t-shirt and shorts weather.

You can’t really escape from the heat, so make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and staying out of the sun at peak times.

Cool down in the sea, which has an average temperature of 21°C in dry season. This gives you an excuse to enjoy a peaceful swim along the beautiful coastline.

The wet season is very warm, humid and wet. There’s a lot of rain with most of the rainfall of the region spread across the summer. The wettest month is August and up to 225mm of rainfall is expected, so make sure to pack your umbrella and check the forecast regularly.

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