Weather in Kololi Beach

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Kololi Beach

Kololi Beach is a thriving resort in The Gambia. It’s known for its sunny and warm climate that makes spending time on the beach feel like paradise.

The average temperature is around 32°C and this remains quite steady from November until June. When summer arrives, you can expect temperatures to increase to the mid-thirties with highs of 35°C in July.

The best time to visit Kololi Beach is in autumn or spring when there’s plenty of warm weather but slightly less rainfall. Over 150mm is likely to fall per month in the wet season, so make sure to prepare for the wet weather by packing an umbrella and light raincoat.

Humidity can be very high at certain times of the year, often reaching 80% in the summer. Rain storms play a role towards the humid weather, which can make you feel extra tired if you’re taking part in outdoor and physical activities.

The sea temperature is very mild all year, which is perfect if you love swimming. It’s also a great way to escape the heat and cool off at midday when the sun is at the highest point in the sky.

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