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The seasons are split between the wet season and dry season. If you want to avoid heavy downpours and high humidity, the best time to visit Bijilo is winter and early spring.

Bijilo is a peaceful resort located just 8km from the capital of Banjul. The weather is similar to its neighbours, with constant sun and heat throughout the year.

Highest temperatures take place in the summer with temperatures rising above 32°C at peak times of the day. Summer is the best time to go to Bijilo for the heat and warm climate, but it also falls within wet season.

The average rainfall in August is 225mm spread over the month. It’s the wettest time of the year, so pack a raincoat if you’re visiting at this time. Humidity levels are at all time high during wet season, often reaching up to 80%.

11mph winds are common in the summer and give a welcome break from the desert climate. They blow in from the sea along the coast, which is great if you’re spending a lot of time on the beach and swimming in the mild sea.

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