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Kenya is in East Africa on the Indian Ocean coast. It’s known for its vast savannahs, beautiful wildlife and stunning coastline. The climate is divided into two wet seasons, which means you can expect heavy rainfall and very high temperatures.

July falls within winter and is the best time to visit Kenya for the coolest temperatures. The average high is around 27°C and rarely falls below 20°C, which is still very mild and great for sunbathing and taking an enjoyable tour of the Savannah.

Kenya’s position in the southern hemisphere influences the amount of rainfall the country gets. In May, there’s 120mm of rainfall that increases to around 170mm in places like Lake Victoria.

If you prefer a drier climate, the best time to go to Kenya is in the summer. There’s an average rainfall of 10mm in places like Capital Nairobi in the south, which increases slightly to 70mm towards the north.

The Indian Ocean remains warm and enjoyable for most of the year with an average temperature of 26°C that rises to 27°C in November. UV levels are very strong at this time of year and temperatures can rise up to 30°C, so make sure to wear lots of sun cream during your visit.

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