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Africa has an arid desert climate but there are some areas of the continent that experience subtropical and Mediterranean weather.

Northern Africa has a Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers and very warm winters. The best time to visit Africa is in the spring when temperatures are hot without being too much.

Temperatures can reach the 40’s (°C) in the Sahara Desert, which is very dry and hot. Make sure to wear high factor sun protection to help deal with the high UV rays.

You’ll find rainforests and jungles towards the south of Africa, where the weather is more tropical. Central Africa is near the equator, which means it’s very hot and humid in places like Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria.

The best time to go to Africa for less rainfall is during the dry season that runs from May to October. Temperatures are still very high, but you’re less likely to get caught outside in a torrential downpour. Humidity levels are very high on the coast, which can be quite uncomfortable. The sea is usually very mild, especially the eastern shores in South Africa, which is warm and ideal for swimming due to the mild Agulhas current.

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