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South Africa

With its location in the southern hemisphere, South Africa has a temperate climate with varying climatic zones in different parts of the country. From typical Mediterranean weather in some areas to hot and dry desert weather in others, South Africa boasts a great variety of climatic zones.

The best time to visit South Africa is the spring for warm temperatures and plenty of daily sunshine. Temperatures are around 22°C with highs of 29°C between March and May.

Summers are very hot in places with highs reaching up to 33°C in July and August. You’ll have 12 hours of sunshine per day with just a few light showers scattered over the season. However, if you travel further southwest towards Cape Town, temperatures are slightly cooler and wetter with up to 100mm of rainfall per month.

For fewer crowds and mild weather, the best time to go to South Africa is in autumn. Temperature highs are around 28°C with lows of 11°C at night. November offers similar temperatures with just 13mm of rainfall each month.

Winter weather in South Africa is mild and influenced by the Indian Ocean on the east and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. With an average sea temperature of 19°C, the two seas help to keep temperatures high throughout the cold season with highs of 25°C and 63% humidity.

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