Oregon State

Avg weather in June
15 Hrs per day
35 mm per month
52 % avg
7 Mph avg

Oregon State Weather in June

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What’s the weather like in Oregon State in June?

The climate begins to pick up in June and you’ll enjoy warmer weather throughout the month. Temperatures are at their highest at the end of June and there’s plenty of sunshine to enjoy each day of your trip.

Geographical influences

Oregon State is nestled in the Pacific Northwest coast and has a very cold and wet climate for most of the year. You’ll finally get a break from the rain when you visit in late spring and the summer, which enjoys warmer temperatures and less rainfall than the rest of the year. Oregon State is known for its diverse landscape of lush forests, vineyards, beaches, farms and rugged mountains. It’s a great place to visit if you want to do some hiking and physical activities such as sailing, rock climbing and mountain biking.


Oregon State weather in June is very pleasant with average temperatures of 17°C during the day. There are 15 hours of sunshine per day, which is plenty of time to sightsee, hike through the mountains and enjoy a shopping spree in Portland’s busy city centre. There’s not much rain in June with a monthly average of just 35mm and humidity levels of 52%.

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