Avg weather in July
14 Hrs per day
4 mm per month
50 % avg
5 Mph avg

Kemer Weather in July

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What’s the weather like in Kemer in July?

The Kemer weather in July is perfect for a sun-kissed trip to this idyllic Mediterranean town in Turkey. The summer is in full swing in Kemer at this time, with tourists and locals lapping up the legendary sunshine along the Antalya region’s pristine coastline.

Geographical influences

Kemer is set in a great location on the Turkish Riviera, between the popular resorts of Beldibi and Tekirova, on the Gulf of Antalya. The biggest geographical influence on its climate are the inland Taurus Mountains, which run parallel to the sea. These mountains often block colder winds moving from the north to south. Generally, this helps keep Kemer a little warmer than other coastal resorts which are affected by these winds.


The weather in Kemer in July is the warmest and driest all year. There’s hardly any rain this month, with an incredibly low 4mm falling, and chances are you’ll see no rain at all during your stay. The sunshine levels are equally as impressive. On average, the sun will shine for 14 hours each day and will rise at 5.45am and won’t set until after 8pm. That means your days will be long as well as sunny. The average high temperature is an incredible 35°C on the hottest days, dropping to 27°C on most days. The night time average is a comfortable 19°C. The sea should be around 26°C throughout the month. You’ll need to take sunblock and water with you when you’re exploring Kemer, because the UV and humidity levels are high in July. The average wind speed is low at 5mph.

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