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Alanya is famed for its desirable weather, as the city enjoys long, hot summers and mild, rainy winters. The Mediterranean climate is in full swing in the summer, which is between June and September. The weather in Alanya is very hot at this time of year, with average highs reaching a sweltering 31°C. August is the hottest month and when the sea is most enjoyable to swim in, as it has an average temperature of 28°C.

The Taurus Mountains strongly influence Alanya’s weather. The town is nestled in the foothills of the mountains, which shelter it from cold northern winds. Its position means the town enjoys a drier and cooler climate than much of Turkish Riviera.

Temperatures in Alanya remain pleasant for most of the year, with spring seeing an average temperature of 13°C in March to 16°C in April and May. Highs often reach 24°C, which is very pleasant and ideal if you prefer mild weather without humidity making things feel uncomfortable.

The wettest time of year is winter. Rainfall begins to pick up in November, which has 171mm of rain that increases to 227mm in December.

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