Weather in Playa De Las Americas

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Playa De Las Americas

Being so close to Africa means the Canary Islands have fantastic weather all year round. The temperature rarely dips below 19°C in Playa De Las Americas, but the hottest months are between June and October where the average is around 24°C. With the cooling sea breeze it’s quite easy to underestimate the intensity of the sun, so you should always wear high factor sun protection and stay in the shade during 12 noon and 3pm when it’s at its hottest.

If you like things to be slightly cooler, head out between November and May where you’ll still have lovely warm weather and temperatures are around a balmy 20°C. You’re in for a treat if you like to swim in the sea, as the temperature doesn’t really drop below 19°C but it heats up during the spring and summer months to reach a very comfortable 23°C.

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