Weather in Puerto De La Cruz

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Puerto De La Cruz

The weather in Puerto de la Cruz is perfect if you’re a sun worshipper, with lots of warm sunshine and high temperatures all year round. The summer begins in June through September, which has an average temperature of 23°C. Not much rain is expected to fall throughout summer, with less than 14mm of rain per month. The sea is warm and perfect for swimming with an average water temperature of 24°C.

If you prefer a cooler climate, visit in autumn or spring. The weather is still warm and sunny, but temperatures are around 17°C, which is mild and perfect for outdoor activities. There’s around 27mm of rain in March but the second wettest time of year is in November, which experiences 42mm of rainfall.

Puerto de la Cruz weather in winter is mild during the day with a daily average of 14°C. It gets colder at night with lows of 8°C in January. The sea is still quite warm in winter with an average sea temperature of 21°C. You’ll also have seven to eight hours of bright sunshine per day, giving you lots of time to sightsee and explore the region.

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