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Koukounaries is a town located on the southwestern coast of Skiathos. The region is known for its stunning Blue Flag beach, pine forests and warm climate.

Summer is the best time to visit Koukounaries because it’s very warm and temperatures reach up to 29°C. The region enjoys 14 hours of warm sunshine each day at this time of year, which gives you plenty of time to explore the town and see more of Skiathos.

For cooler temperatures and just as much sunshine, the best time to go to Koukounaries is spring and autumn. Temperatures are in the high-teens and there are just a few rain showers scattered throughout each month.

Seasonal winds blowing into the coast can make the climate seem cooler, which can lead you to misjudge just how hot it really is. From midday to 3pm, it’s advised to seek shade from the sun and wear high-factor sun cream.

It’s usually dry and hot throughout the summer and rainfall doesn’t pick up until late autumn. Winter is the wettest season, with around 34mm to 98mm per month from December and February.

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