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With Sami’s location in Kefalonia, the region enjoys a very warm and sunny climate. Hot summers are expected with mild and short winters.

If you want to avoid heavy rainfall, the best time to visit Sami is during the summer. There isn’t much rain at this time of year, with just 8mm of rain per month in July and August.

Temperatures rarely drop below the mid-20s. The warmest month is July, which has a daily high of up to 30°C. This is perfect if you like the weather to be hot and dry while on holiday.

For cooler temperatures, the best time to go to Sami is from November to April. Temperatures are usually in the mid-teens, which is still very mild and enjoyable for the beach and some sightseeing.

The wettest time of the year is winter. Rain showers are more frequent than the summer months, but showers tend to be short and fast, which means it’s never long before the sun is shining again. At this time of year, you can expect around nine hours of sunshine a day.

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