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Lassi is a charming town in Kefalonia that’s known for its natural attractions, idyllic scenery and impressive historical influences. The weather is very warm and sunny for most of the year and doesn’t begin to cool down until late autumn.

The climate is cool in winter but temperatures usually remain steady at around 12°C. Things begin to warm up in mid-spring, when temperatures reach the mid-20s. The best time to go to Lassi for less rainfall and more sunshine is the peak of summer, with highs of 31°C.

Cooling winds blow into town during the summer, travelling at an average speed of 10mph. Winds help to keep you cool and comfortable but remember to wear plenty of sun cream to protect yourself against the harsh UV levels over the summer.

If you love swimming, the best time to visit Lassi is in the summer and early autumn when sea temperatures are still warm enough for swimming. Water sports are also quite popular along the coast and can be very enjoyable in late spring until October.

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