Weather in Santa Eulalia

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Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia begins to get warm from the end of March and continues getting hotter until September when things start to cool down. The resort town is known for its Mediterranean climate and golden beach that’s perfect for relaxing in the summer and soaking up the lovely sunshine. Temperatures in Santa Eulalia reach up to 27°C in June with an average humidity of 75%. Higher temperatures arrive towards August, which enjoys an average high of 31°C with up to 13 hours of lovely sunshine per day.

The Mediterranean Sea is warm in the summer and ideal for swimming. If you need to cool down from the heat, it’s a great way to freshen up and you’ll also get to enjoy light winds blowing in from the sea.

There’s not much rainfall and Santa Eulalia weather remains fairly dry until autumn when 53mm is expected to fall across November. Winds pick up speeds of 15mph, which helps to cool temperatures and bring averages down to 20°C. Winter is quite mild with a daily temperature of 17°C in December and 16°C in February. Things continue to improve towards spring, which enjoys mild temperatures reaching highs of 20°C in April.

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